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  • A Proven Marketing Strategy To Maximize Your ROI By Increasing Sales And Profits While Decreasing Ad Spend.

    We Help 2x-10x Your Business Each Year With Lead Systems, Behavioral Targeting, And A.I. Driven Big Data

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We Buy BIG DATA that allows us to Track Buying Behavior on 225 Million Americans.

We offer online advertising targeted to individuals. We track over 225,000,000 Americans and spot trends indicating they are actively researching and shopping for your product/service in your market area.

  • Track: We are tracking massive data every day
  • Create: Our proprietary software creates a list of in market buyers
  • Behavior: We know they are ready because of their URL / Keyword Behavior
  • Own It: We own and control WHO we are Targeting
  • Ads: Only people who have shown real buying behavior see your ads
  • Identity: By targeting the RIGHT people, You get a much higher conversion
  • Quality: The highest quality leads are produced with minimal ad spend
  • Exclusive: We only work with 1 niche/per market and dominate
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    Data-Driven Behavioral Insight Technology

    Technology and Data are the New Marketing and it requires expertise more than it requires money.

    In-Market Data

    Only Market to Prospects Who are Ready to Buy Now Eliminate wasteful ad spend, increase CTR, drive down CPA and increase profits In-Market Targeting is a real-time list of the 3% of any market that is actively pursuing a purchase of what you sell. Our technology combines Identity Resolution with Behavioral Tracking to produce targeting […]

    Site Visitor Match (SVM)

    Unfortunately, 97% of people who visit your website will leave without taking action. Site visitor match will enable you to deterministically resolve the identity of anonymous website visitors. While In-Market Targeting represents prospects who are actively looking for you, Site Visitor ID represent prospects that have already identified you as one of their options. They […]

    Behavioral Look-alike Modeling

    Platforms like Facebook and Google have the ability to expand your targeting reach by creating “lookalike” audiences — targeting audiences that “look like” a “seed” audience. This allows you to expand your reach by providing access to prospects who may not be on your radar, but who meet a certain set of criteria common to […]

    You Will Sell More!

    We use Chatbots to improve Key Performance Indicators across the board.

    •  Overcome Objections
    •  Reduce Cart Abandonment
    •  Chatbots answer questions and overcome objections 24x7.

    Actively engage your customers for more sales and a higher AOV.

    Perfect For:

    • Removing Bottlenecks
    • Solving
    • Customer Objections
    • Customer Personalization
    • Boosting Revenue via Automation

    You Will Get More Leads!

    Forget the forms, qualified conversations are frictionless.

    •  Collect, Qualify, Nurture.
    •  Chatbots automate data capture, making it easier and faster for people to opt in.
    •  Automatically transfer lead data anywhere you want with unlimited integrations.

    Perfect For:

    • Lead Scoring & Qualification
    • Lead Capture & Distribution
    • Traditional Content Delivery
    • Webinars, Giveaways, Content
    • Unlimited integrations
    • Sync data with any software
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    Your Secret Weapon for Lead Generation

    New technology represents a huge opportunity for you leapfrog your competitors, enjoy incredibly low CPCs, and experiment with different ways to connect with your clients.

    Lead Generation Chatbot

    “Be where your customers are” Chatbots’ potential goes way beyond customer service and presents a huge opportunity for sales and marketing. Chatbots can improve user engagement, convert a higher percentage of your web traffic, and become a staple of lead generation. No matter the sector or vertical you’re in, most of your customers probably spend […]

    Search Engine Optimization

    How easy is your website to find on the internet? SEO lead generation can become one of the most impactful elements of your marketing campaign. In fact, it’s one of the first steps on your lead nurturing journey. Don’t ignore it. Get high quality and targeted leads with our effective SEO Lead Generation Services. Discover how to […]

    Paid Ads

    Paid Social Ad Management Get More Customers Quickly Do you want more leads? You need an expert in Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn & other social media advertising to help your business grow. Have experts create innovative paid social strategies for you. Targeting the perfect audience for your business with the right message Advertising in social […]

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