Lead Generation Chatbot

“Be where your customers are”

Lead Generation, Chatbot, Messenger Marketing

Chatbots’ potential goes way beyond customer service and presents a huge opportunity for sales and marketing.

Chatbots can improve user engagement, convert a higher percentage of your web traffic, and become a staple of lead generation.

No matter the sector or vertical you’re in, most of your customers probably spend a lot of their time chatting (and they are often better at it than they are using a web browser!)

“Instant messaging is the next big hit in marketing.”

However, this communication channel has a big issue: Instant Messaging doesn’t scale. When you reach a certain volume, one-to-one communication becomes too expensive.

Chatbots are — or soon will be — an essential part of your marketing strategy.

We will use a chatbot as a Landing Page to turn visitors into leads. Then, we’ll use the information collected to update a Google Sheet row or create a new contact in your CRM to finally switch on your Lead Generation machine.

Create a Lead Generation Machine Using Chatbots As Landing Pages

With good design practices in place, this tool will enable you to offer your users a completely unique experience, access to relevant content, and create a contact point that has a lot less friction than any web form.

We create everything you need to setup a lead generation machine: creating a talking website that converts, proving it with Analytics and automating the lead management process.

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